Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chalkie Talkie

Chalkware...I love the stuff. But not anything produced after the 60's. No sir, not interested. happen to have moulds from the 60's as one eBayer does! Apparently she scored some old moulds and pours chalkware wall hangings herself. Then she paints them, and she's really talented. These are no garrish paints that have been wiped with a darker color for a finish. No. These appear to be air-brused and are even decked out in metallics, but appropriate metallics that are not tacky and misplaced. Here are some examples of her work:

A relative of mine caught me looking at these bad boys over at my uncle's house after everyone had gorged themselves on roast beef (which we prefer to turkey). Everything is strictly new millennium over at my uncle's and I was starting to feel a little...unsettled. So I snuck off to the time machine that is eBay and sucked myself a lung full of mid-century oxygen in hopes that I could survive the trip home in the new millennium vehicle. The relative commented on the fish and related memories of her childhood home and the Miller Studio family of fish that hung there on the bathroom wall. Her memories only make the 50's more real; I was getting good stuff. Little did I know.

Christmas Eve appeared, and while the season is most decidedly about one gift and one gift only (Jesus, baby), lo and behold, I did receive the dynamite green threesome (complete with the necessary bubbles) pictured above. Such a little thing, and I was nearly in tears (of joy). No one understands the penchant of the Atom Mom, what turns her on and what leaves her flat, so usually I get cash, and that spends on eBay, so that's OK by me. (Yes, I'm horrible.) But this little chalkware grouping, coupled with the days-of-yore sentiment of the giver was just click-O all the way! A special thanks to her! And a new obsession for me:


Sandy said...

These are not old molds. All the ones you show are poured from NEW plastic molds that can be bought today.

ashli said...

Thanks for your comment. I am only repeating what the auction said.