Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Magic Mirror

(The Atom Mom's Mid-century Manor)
Ultimately, I'd like to bring this place as closely as possible to the time it was built. I won't throw the computer away, but if I had the house all to myself and could make the choices all by myself we wouldn't even have a TV...but if we did, it would be the Predicta Chalet.

I know this is disappointing, as the Chalet isn't even a Philco original. In short, it's the modern retro creation of Telstar, the only folks authorized to sell under the Predicta name nowadays. But something about it sets me on fire. It's the Drive-In appeal. I can't help it; I likes what I likes.

And I likes the Magic Mirror:

(I'm sorry the picture is dark, but otherwise the bullet lights blended in with the wall and you really couldn't see them.) I paid over $200 for this little baby a couple of years ago. It's a bona fide Monkey Wards (Montgomery Wards) medicine cabinet from the 50's or 60's. The thing that appealed to bidders when this was on eBay was that it is in such sweet condition with all the brackets and original shelving. Also, the person had skill and access to auto painting gadgets and redid the finish professionally. As anyone knows "deadstock" is preferred, and in lieu of that, restoration or even faithful repro is grand.

Anyhoo, I won the auction, and when it arrived, the thing didn't fit. It little mattered. I held onto it for over a year, hoping we would run into someone who could alter my bathroom wall and make the magic happen. I thought about selling the mirror a couple of times, but was unwilling to let it go for less than I paid for it. On this particular item, if other people didn't appreciate the level of fabulousness, they didn't deserve to have it.

My waiting paid off though, and I got the job done for Christmas this year.

Things I love about the mirror:
When you flip the switch on the wall the lights don't come on right away. They flicker, and sometimes the left chrome-capped bullet light makes a delightful little "pling!" When the lights are on they buzz that enchanting buzz that takes you zooming down the time tunnel all the way back to that magical time when you could get a Coke for a dime. Looking at your skin with the lights on is kind of horrific, but there is enough pitting in the mirror to hide some of the jaundice. Besides, if this item shot out razor blades every time it was opened I'd just duck. It's that fabulous.

Listen very carefully for the "pling!" as the second tube lights:

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