Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lane's Acclaim to Fame

My mother had these tables, and I am wild about them. I hit eBay pay dirt once and traveled to South Florida to pick up an incredible lot. There were so many that my uncle received some of the pieces. I only went for one piece after all--the swivel table! BTW, it pays to scavenge. I found the swivel table on eBay, but it was a closed auction. Still, I contacted the seller and let him know that if the high bidder backed out I wanted dibs if he was interested. The high bidder did indeed back out, and I landed the table--plus extras. Unheard of! When we went to pick them up however, the guy CHANGED THE PRICE figuring that since I'd driven so far I would pay whatever he wanted. However, I have family in the area, and a visit with them was worth the trip, so I declined. My uncle was with me though and he wanted to get the tables, so he paid the guy the NEW price. Needless to say, I think the swivel is just dandy! And the other pieces are fun too!


cdminnick said...

Hi! I just came across your blog when searching for Lane Acclaim - you see, until just a few days ago, I had never heard of this mid-century line before, and then I stumbled on my first (note the hopeful "first") piece - one of the long, low coffee tables. I'm in love! And your living room is making me drool all over my keyboard. Gorgeous!


ashli said...

LOL! Thanks so much for your kind comment. It's nice to know we mid century madams are not alone in the world!


blackbelt said...

My parents bought the Acclaim series in the 70's. When I got married and we bought our first house together, I missed my home, since my parents moved out of my childhood home and out of the country. How glad Iam to have a pair of lampstands and a round coffee table. My son "cruised" around the coffee table as a toddler and I have the teeth marks to prove it! :-)

Sarah said...

I found a Lane Acclaim V-shaped coffee table today - it is mine and I've only just started researching what I found!
I read somewhere that the serial number read backwards = the date it was made. The # on the bottom of mine is 957101 = 10/17/59. Cool.
Can't find anything online about the "V" shape...
Anyway - cool to see another piece!

Sudha said...

i was in two minds to keep my lane acclaim swivel coffee table...after i saw it in ur living room..i have decided i m leeping mine ..lack of space wont stop me from keeping mine :)...loved ur visit mine when possible